Sunday Selection – 03.09.17

Good morning all and welcome to the end of summer. Sunny sunsets in Tuscany are a thing of the past and I’m bracing for for another long cold British winter. Sorry to drop it like that. Seriously though where did the past few months go 🤔  Georgia and I returned home from Italy this week and… Continue reading

Animal Rights March London 2017 [Photos]

Today saw a few thousand vegans marching through London for the Official Animal Rights March 2017. We walked from Hyde Park Corner to Parliament Square to raise awareness of animal oppression. It was a great afternoon amongst good people spreading a positive message. Here’s how it looked:    

50 High Protein Vegan Recipes for Athletes

Welcome to the month of September! I’m ready to start ramping up my training schedule now that my crash wounds are on the mend and I’m back from a week away in Italy. With extra training stress comes an increased requirement for dietary protein so let’s take a look at some of the best high… Continue reading

Vegan KFC ‘Chicken’ Burgers

What’s happening people! It’s a chilly, wet Wednesday evening in London. Today’s my first full day back at home from a week away in sunny Tuscany but you know what, I’m feeling good because I just ate these amazing vegan KFC chicken burgers 🤘 Are you wondering what these beauties are made from? The ingredient… Continue reading

La Fonte – Vegan Restaurant in Montespertoli

Who would of thought it. 30km south west of Florence and just down the road from where we are staying is a little piece of vegan-zen called La Fonte. La Fonte is an organic vegan restaurant situated at the bottom of a rather steep hill just outside of Montespertoli, surrounded by vineyards and olive trees…. Continue reading

Eating Vegan Food in Florence – Sciue Sciue

Greetings from Italy. We’ve been over here for 3 days so far and let me tell you it’s been hard to find vegan food! We’re staying on an olive farm / vineyard 30km west of Florence. It’s very rural which means our options are limited. We have a kitchen in our apartment but no gas,… Continue reading

5-Ingredient Almond Energy Bars

What’s up people. Happy Saturday. I hadn’t planned on cooking anything today but whilst digging around the cupboard I found an unopened packet of almonds waiting to be eaten. I also had some dates, cranberries and coconut ready to go, so boom – these delicious almond energy bars were born. A small handful of almonds… Continue reading

Is beer vegan?

I was on a recent stag-do to Amsterdam and as we are walking through departures one of the other lads asks if I’m aware that beer isn’t vegan. He begins telling me all this stuff about how fish products are used in the brewing process, but I don’t want to hear it. I put it… Continue reading

Where do Vegans get their Protein?

More often then than not it’s the first thing people want to know when they find out I don’t eat animal products. In my experience, people seem genuinely concerned when asking where vegans get their protein from,  which highlights how misinformed about protein the average person has become these days. So I thought it would… Continue reading