Sunday Selection – 03.09.17

Good morning all and welcome to the end of summer. Sunny sunsets in Tuscany are a thing of the past and I’m bracing for for another long cold British winter. Sorry to drop it like that. Seriously though where did the past few months go 🤔 

Georgia and I returned home from Italy this week and I’ve been enjoying getting back in the kitchen and making these Vegan KFC Chicken Burgers. Let me know what you think of them! Yesterday we became activists for the day and marched with 5000 other vegans to raise awareness for animal oppression. You can check out my pictures from the march here.

This week I’m looking forward to making more recipes including vegan bacon and some burned-wheat pizza dough so keep it locked to the blog.

What I’ve been reading online this week…

And what I’ve been listening to this week…

It was Michael Jackson’s birthday on Tuesday and the anniversary Bad album on Thursday. Good excuse to geek out on 1981 Triumph tour videos

Tom Misch’s Beat Tape 1 for those Jay Dee throwback vibes

Jungle Brown for more 90s throwback vibes

When you wish you were 10 years older so could have been here

Enjoy the week people!