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Vegan KFC ‘Chicken’ Burgers

What’s happening people! It’s a chilly, wet Wednesday evening in London. Today’s my first full day back at home from a week away in sunny Tuscany but you know what, I’m feeling good because I just ate these amazing vegan KFC chicken burgers 🤘 Are you wondering what these beauties are made from? The ingredient… Continue reading

5-Ingredient Almond Energy Bars

What’s up people. Happy Saturday. I hadn’t planned on cooking anything today but whilst digging around the cupboard I found an unopened packet of almonds waiting to be eaten. I also had some dates, cranberries and coconut ready to go, so boom – these delicious almond energy bars were born. A small handful of almonds… Continue reading

Where do Vegans get their Protein?

More often then than not it’s the first thing people want to know when they find out I don’t eat animal products. In my experience, people seem genuinely concerned when asking where vegans get their protein from,  which highlights how misinformed about protein the average person has become these days. So I thought it would… Continue reading

Cashew, Cranberry and Coconut Balls

We’ve got this book-borrowing-bookshelf set up in the canteen at work, where the idea is that you can take any book you want home as long as you replace it with a book of your own. Pretty cool idea. I was having a dig through the other day and found this great looking book of… Continue reading

Thug Kitchen Spiced Chickpea Wraps with Tahini Dressing

Yesterday I stumbled across what is now my new favourite cookbook – Thug Kitchen, Eat Like you Give a Fuck. I read a snippet online which included the following quote from the opening chapter: Amazing. I bought my copy straight away. That pretty much sets the tone for the rest of the book. Full of… Continue reading

10 Minute Chickpea and Bean Salad Bowl

Its the middle of another busy week. I had a job interview today which has meant that I’ve spent much of the last few days preparing interesting things to say about myself. Added to my usual training schedule, I haven’t had any time to cook this week! Tonight I wanted to get back in the… Continue reading

Vegan Courgette Fritters

Short post today as I’m in the middle of a big training week and finding the time to cook and write about it has been difficult! These courgette fritters came about as friend of mine’s mum has been growing vegetables in her garden and kindly donated a courgette to me this week. I thought I… Continue reading

Ultimate Scrambled Ackee Breakfast

Growing up with a Guyanese mum, I was never introduced to Ackee as a child. The Guyanese don’t each much Ackee and often consider it an inedible fruit. You’re more likely to find ackee being cooked in Jamaica (of course), in one of the other Carribean islands or in its native West Africa. It wasn’t… Continue reading

Explorations into Mac n Cheese – Part 2 (the lumpy one)

Here we go then. Second attempt at making some proper vegan mac n cheese. In part one I tried to stick as closely to my old (non-vegan) mac n cheese recipe as possible, simply replacing the dairy ingredients with non-dairy substitutes. It was OK but only a starting point. Today I’ve followed a recipe that… Continue reading